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  • Product Name: MUR1005-MUE1060 Ultrafast recovery diodes
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    • MUR1005-MUE1060 Ultrafast recovery diodes
Detailed Description

MUR1005-MUE1060 Ultrafast recovery diodes

Product Type: Ultrafast Recovery Diode 

Brand :Meibangli Electronic

Model: MUR1005-MUE1060 

Remark: Available in both plastic and semi-plastic packages for fast recovery

Main parameters: 10A 200V - 600V 

Whether to provide custom processing: No

Model: MUR1005-MUE1060

Package: TO-220CT

Current: 10A

Voltage: 600V

Recovery time (TRR): ≤ 35ns

TO-220 package of ultra-fast recovery diodes are divided into semi-plastic and plastic 

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