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  • Product Name: MB05S-MB10S Bridge rectifier
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    • MB05S-MB10S Bridge rectifier
Detailed Description

MB05S-MB10S Bridge rectifier

Model / Specification:MB05S MB1S MB2S MB4S MB6S MB8S MB10S

Brand / trademark: MDD

Package: MBS

Environmental protection category: Lead-free environment

Installation: SMD type

Packing :Tape with tape packaging

Our company's main products are various types of silicon-plastic sealed rectifier diodes, fast recovery diode switching diodes, high efficiency diodes, trigger diodes, Schottky diodes, TVS tube, silicon rectifier bridge, SMD diodes, energy-saving lamps for diodes, switching power supply Diodes, in recent years the company actively engaged in the SOT / SOD series of semiconductor discrete devices, chip various series of surface-mount small-signal transistor, the power-driven transistor series of semiconductor discrete devices! (Diodes, bridge heap can be made in accordance with requirements)

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