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  • Product Name: BZT52C2V4-BZT52C51 Zener diodes
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    • BZT52C2V4-BZT52C51 Zener diodes
Detailed Description

BZT52C2V4-BZT52C51 Zener diodes

Product Type: Zener series  

Brand / Trademark :Changzhou Meibangli electronic

Model / Specification: BZT52C2V4-BZT52C51 

Structure: Point contact type

Material: Silicon (Si) 

Package: Form SOD-123 (1206)

Packaging Materials :Plastic Packaging 

Power Characteristics :Low Power

Frequency characteristics IF: Emission 

Color: Voltage control

LED package: colorless and transparent (T) 

Smooth surface characteristic : Micro-tube

Luminous intensity distribution angle :Standard 

Maximum reverse voltage: VR 2.4 to 3.9 (V)

Forward DC Current IF:(A) 

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