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Supply and demand of semiconductor industry


1. Supply semiconductor film, blue film, uv film (cutting protective film, QFN LED lamp bead film)

Independent research and development technology, the quality is stable, no residue substitute foreign products mature, the price is affordable.

2. Supply: QFN process with PI film tape.

3. Supply: dustless clothes, dustless cloth, clean room gloves, etc.

4. Equipment sales: DISCO3350, DISCO6340, DISCO7340

5. Equipment sales: nikon i7, nikon i10. SEZ 6 "8" thin, Semitool roller degumming machine, etching equipment.

6. Financing for projects: large funds for the search of semiconductor lasers for related projects

7. China semiconductor BBS has cooperated with the government merchants bureau to welcome industrial related projects into the semiconductor industrial park.

8. A European IGBT factory, to seek power buyers, request to continue operation of the three to five years, price does not include the technology transfer and IP address, and pledged to continue operating during the order, after the operation the Chinese customer can tear open machine to produce.Specific details.

9. 6/8 inch FAB production line equipment for sale:

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